Yo give me your twitter handles? Also in general if you want to reach me ask for my twitter/Instagram/snapchat/Facebook (if we talked a lot) or whatever xoxo

read "antigoddess" by kendare blake. it's kinda like god behaving badly. but more ya. yup. THIS IS STEF OF COURSE DUH. omg i miss you you tool

blah dude sorry I’ve been super swamped??? Also I logged out of my account to handle a club tumblr so I just am not on mine on my laptop and therefore too lazy to deal with it. this is not sufficient I’m just avoiding work right now

hey i’m officially running the tumblr  for the uc berkeley art museum & pacific film archive’s (bam/pfa) student committee, follow.  


Caps collection - In The Loop (2009)

Edward G. Robinson utters the immortal lines……..…..Little Caesar (1931)


Autumn light and solitude on Park Avenue, Louis M. Eilshemius


Claudette Colbert in It Happened One Night


Alte Pinakothek, Munich


Yves Klein conducting his Symphonie Monoton in front of an imaginary orchestra, Gelsenkirschen’s Opera House, 1959.